The dissolution of a relationship can be a confusing, frustrating, and emotional time. Divorce cases are first and foremost about the lives, relationships, and futures of the people involved.

Many decisions involving asset and debt division, child custody, child support, and parenting time have to be made. Every divorce is different. Some are simple and inexpensive. Others have complex assets, and become contemptuous.

Since divorce creates significant disruption in people’s lives, it’s essential to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney that understands your particular situation, and can respond to your needs.

The divorce attorneys at Lovelace Law, PLLC have extensive experience in divorce cases, including complex and complicated asset divisions, and custody disputes. Our goal is to provide a clear and efficient pathway to a new and productive life for you and your loved ones.

We are sensitive to the deeply personal issues and emotional distress that can arise in a divorce proceeding. For this reason, whenever possible, we look for common ground and seek amicable out of court resolutions to limit to the impact on all family members.

Developing an agreed outcome through cooperation of both parties has many advantages. It preserves relationships with former spouses. Allows everyone involved to transition into their new lives in a more positive way. In cases where children are involved this increases the likelihood of better co-parenting.

In addition, when both parties reach a resolution together, they are more likely to adhere to that agreement, limiting future conflicts.

However, when it is in your best interest we take your case to court, and advocate strongly on your behalf. Whether your case requires strong and aggressive litigation, or can be resolved out of the courts, you’ll need smart, tough, seasoned professionals committed to excellence in everything they do that are responsive to your needs and will pull together all their resources to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

The trial tested divorce lawyers at Lovelace Law, PLLC will fight to protect your rights so you can move on with your life.